Ernest Karam specializes in all aspects of family mediation. Ernest will work with both parties to reach a reasonable and fair agreement.

Ernest is a San Antonio family law and probate mediator, licensed to practice law in Texas since 1982. He was engaged in a full-time practice before becoming a full-time mediator in 2012. His practice included Family Law, Probate, Corporate Law and Real Estate.


Great service with the upmost professionalism. The atmosphere and people made you feel very comfortable.

A Satisfied Client

Your warm welcome and the opportunity to observe both sides of the mediation process are greatly appreciated. I believe the parties received the very best chance of getting there with you at the helm. I admire your compassion and honesty along with how you treated both sides with dignity and respect.  Lessons learned will be helpful while working with current and future divorcing real estate clients. Thank you!


Ernest, it was great, it was wonderful, and it was all due to you … thanks!!

P.V.B., P.C., Attorney at Law

My dear friend Mary wanted me to contact you to express her deepest gratitude for mediating on her behalf during her divorce proceedings a few weeks ago. I wanted to add how grateful I am to you because you made a very deep impression on her and somehow she managed to find the Lord during her encounter with you. This is truly amazing as we have been praying for this for quite some time. Thank you on behalf of her friends and family. We are deeply grateful to you.


Thank you for taking the time to work through the situation with my daughter. You are doing a very noble thing by helping families work through their differences to do what’s best for their children. I really appreciate your genuine concern and warm, kind heart. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that you are making an impact on people’s lives.

S.B. and Family